During 23/7/2020 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM, I signed up and took apart in MOSEC 2020 conference. It was really satisfying for me about all the things: the talks, the BaiJiu Con, the lunch, etc.

Considering that it was a conference in China, I write corresponding blogs in 知乎 about some discussion as well as my thinking.

  1. IOS80211 Family

  2. Android Binary Fuzzing without source code

  3. Security issues about JSC optimization

  4. Surge in the dark

  5. Attacking SEP secure booting

You can refer to this blog of above talks.

About the BaiJiu Con, there are 7 sessions

  1. Apple’s Secure Enclave Processor

  2. Arch-flip

  3. User-Mode Callback is Back

  4. Supply Chain Attack Behavior Art Awards (供应链攻击行为艺术大赏)

  5. Security Research on Mercedes-Benz

  6. IOS in 2020

  7. Chromium Series in TCTF

You can find the video and some summary in another blog of mine.

Hope you love it~