Hi there, whoever is, it is such a long time, uhm?

There is about an entire year from the last time I opened this folder (9 months to be exactly). The very direct feeling is “Time flies”. while the second one is “Oops you ass hole, slacker, lier, why you stop blogging, again?”

There are always excuses, yeah, in this period, I was busy submitting my paper, busy coding and busy doing experiments, totally lost the control of life. :(

Hence, in the April Fool’s Day of this year, let me just hit the ground and starts this from scratch.

Well, it is just not a big deal that the old domain name: f0rm2l1n.xyz is died. If I can hold on blogging this time, I will buy a new hostname, even a new machine for the blog. For now, the github site is fair enough.

In this new round, I will blog about something that I learned or found during research. I may fail to write something very fluent, but I will try my best to make the blogs interesting and well-qualified.

Additionally, I will try to mimic some of my friends, and do some translations from Project Zero or other cool blogs. I believe this can be fun and meaningful compared to just taking a peek at them.

Yep, let’s just prepare the keyboard and start blogging.