Who is f0rm2l1n? What a werid name?

In fact, I choose this weird word just because it consists of “forma” plus “lin”. The former one reminds people of the famous sherlock holmes (in Chinese pronunciation….) while the other happens to be my first name.

Anyhow, it make senses for me.

I am a student, enjoying+suffering from fighting for the doctor’s degree at ICSR, ZJU in Hangzhou, China.

Moreover, I like the CTF game for its coolness and I also play for my school band: Azure Assassin Alliance.


It’s hard to balance the time between researching and CTFing, also a bunch of other things, girlfriend included. Though life is so cruel, we have to be happy :D.


  • CVE-2021-32399, CVE-2021-3564, CVE-2021-3573 and CVE-2021-3640

Publications & Awards


[.] Ma, Lin , et al. “Atlas: A First Step Toward Multipath Validation.” Computer Networks (2020):107224.

That is my first paper ;P, about path validation algorithm. The click router is an interesting emulator that you can try on.