Day after day and time after time, I remembered to write some important things (maybe not that important) but found out that my site is about to die. Yeah, quite lazy I am and I decided to go back to the GitHub page again.

Will finish the post moving these days. Whoooo, I just promised a lot of posts, including CTF writeups, vulnerability analysis, and some tools learning notes, blablabla. I don’t know if you guys have confronted this: you sometimes want to write everything down, even something that is not quite interesting. This can make you anxious, busy, and at last, give up writing.

The blogs writing should be enjoyable rather than suffering. It also needs to be taken seriously instead of just be coped. At last, I hope this time I can keep on moving.

One more thing, I didn’t settle down the “picture bed” yet (trying this time). and I choose to write these blogs in English for better sharing. Some Chinese versions may be shared in another channel and I will put the link if needed.